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Debra Bonner(non-registered)
The photos of my granddaughter McKenna Wahl are truly awesome! You captured expressions that we see all the time on her sweet little face! The props and location were perfect! Thanks so much Dr. Alta.
Kittie Schuster(non-registered)
Sherrie is going to have a hard time choosing her favorite picture of Dylan! You did an Awesome job on his senior pictues!
Mary Ann Johnson(non-registered)
I was recently entered into Alta’s “True Character of Bonney Lake” contest and as the winner I was the lucky recipient of a family photo shoot at the Bonney Lake Gateway; which is the entrance focal point into our lovely city. It was a beautiful Saturday with the sun shining bright and it was a lot of fun.

Alta, I really love something about every single photograph that you took. They mean so much to me and will forever be something that is so close to my heart and you made that happen. Your amazing photos really did capture what I intended; which was to chronicle my husband Neil’s Leukemia journey and capture in photo our life changing moments. Your photos will always be a reminder of how hard we fought as a family to beat Neil's cancer. It’s too bad that the photo shoot couldn't happen at SCCA but it’s great that we were able to take the pictures at the Gateway as we did have a lot of community support. We are so close to getting discharged back to the care of our local Oncologist, and the fact that we are back home together as a family is truly a blessing. It's been quite a journey and we are so thankful for Neil's remission and just look forward to growing old together.

I have spent much time looking over your fabulous work on your website and am amazed at how much talent you possess. You touch so many people’s lives in your gift and for that I truly thank you. We will always think fondly of you every time we reflect on our journey. You have a fan for life in the Johnson family and we definitely look forward to future photo shoots.
Ann Holland(non-registered)
Thank you so much for the fabulous experience and photos of our Senior Tyler! Anyone that can make a 17 year old young man have fun at a photo shoot has a serious gift! The photos turned out amazing, and truely captured his personality...amazing. We have recieved nothing but compliments from family and friends. You made the whole process fun and completely painless :) Thank you!!!
Rae Wimmer(non-registered)
WOW, I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED to say the LEAST REALLY, Alta and not to mention very excited for you - I am NOT really SURPRISED as yes - you take after your mother in this - she TOO always seems to have a camera in her hand - I am VERY EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU....! congrats!! AND GOOD LUCK with this "Spare Time" ADVENTURE of yours :)
Take care...
Jody Lappier(non-registered)
OOHHH Alta, you made me cry!!! To be a part of your begining as a professional photographer...words can not describe. Wait, you said it all with pictures, and music. The kids and I had more fun in our photo shoot with you, than EVER before in front of a camera. You caught the looks my children give me daily, as a mother, I have yet to capture myself. Thank you! I look forward to many more sittings as my children grow before my eyes. It warms my heart to see you smile in your art, the passion you put into each person, sitting, editing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Our sitting won't be complete till the pictures are hanging on my walls that are begging for them.
Linda Waters(non-registered)
We are so impressed with your special gift to capture our family so beautifully in photographs! You made us all feel greatly at ease, and made is a fun session. We enjoyed your humor and your professional eye that made it so easy for all of us to relax and have fun. Normally, none of us with the exception of Anna "like" to have our pictures taken. You showed us that we can have an enjoyable and memorable time, and to leave the results to you: we were so very pleased and amazed that we all turned out looking so good! You are going to bring joy to so many of our family members that we purchase these portraits for. Not to mention us! We will cherish these pictures for the rest of our lives! I would reccomend you to any one, and whole heartedly. Again, I must say I am amazed at your talents and eye for your art. You truly have a gift from God. Over the last 27 years, I have had many photo sessions and many photographs taken. Unfortunately, my children felt they looked "Goofy and stiff" in the photos we had taken years ago. It is a difference of night and day, with your photos, because in them, we look like we are happy and relaxed, and having fun together. You have captured our images like no other photographer ever could. You are amazing!
Jolene Moorehouse(non-registered)
Thank you for catching the essence of my girls! The fact that the session was fun and relaxed helped them to be themselves and the photos truly show their individual personalities. That, is the true art of photography, and you conquered it! The biggest problem - too many great photos to choose! And, I want all four seasons now... Your sessions are an investment in the future as those photos will remain special always. You are now our family photographer and I look forward to many more sessions!
Gloria Antypowich(non-registered)
I love this site Alta--I've been following your pictures--they are wonderful- so full of expression and feeling. You have a wonderful eye and your choice of music for this seals the deal for me!! The best of luck in your new venture!! Actually, you don't need luck, just that gift that wells from within!! I'm so proud to be able to say "I knew her when....she was six... when she was a teen.... when she became a mother... when she blossomed into this wonderfully talented, successful artist!"
Gloria Antypowich
Shar Drennan(non-registered)
Oh Alta these are beautiful! You have a God-given talent, not just for Chiropractic but for bringing out the heart and soul of your subjects. I am so happy you are doing what makes you happy! God bless you in this new venture, I am thrilled for you. I only wish I could be there to be one of your clients. Hugs my dear friend.
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